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Company Modifiers (or just modifiers) provide the company with their own competitive edge. It can be a logistics, marketing, or just have great popularity over other companies. A starting modifier will help the player maintain company in several different ways, as well as bring up different strategies to the game. They will require some attention as pretty important starting factor, which may lead to quick market domination.

List of Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Beta 0.9[edit | edit source]

For Beta 0.9 there are these modifiers:

Name Modifier
Aspiring Company 20% higher Popularity Gain for the first year. 10% higher Popularity Gain afterwards.
Enterprising Company Levels for Specialists Upgrades require 10% less XP.
Export Starts at Level 2 of 'Aircraft Cargo Team' and 'Ship Cargo Team' Specialists.
Foreign Business Starts with two starting locations.
High Flights 15% higher chance for random Aircraft Cargo Action.
International Shipping 10% higher chance for random Aircraft Cargo and Ship Cargo Actions.
Local Leader 20% higher Popularity Gain in starting country, 10% less Popularity Gain in other countries.
Modern Solution Specialists Upgrades cost 5% less money, starts on level 2 Mechanics Specialist.
Perfect Advertisement Specialists Upgrades cost 10% less money.
Popular Figure +15% Popularity Gain in starting country.
Professional Mechanics 15% less chance for Aircraft Cargo or Ship Cargo to crash.
Seminal Figure Receives two free Upgrades. If has the lowest Market Share, 5% higher Popularity Gain.
Standard Company Levels for Specialists Upgrades require 5% less XP. News give 5% more XP.
Tough Rival 10% higher Popularity Gain if they have the highest Market Share. Specialists Upgrades cost 5% less money.

Full Release[edit | edit source]

List of the modifiers for the release doesn't exist yet.

Global Rivalry DLC[edit | edit source]

List of the extra modifiers for the DLC doesn't exist yet.