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Events can take place from time to time which can influence the game play.

List of Events[edit | edit source]

'Spring Outbreak' Events (1.03.0. Version)[edit | edit source]

Event ID Event Name Comment
79-81 Cholera Pandemic Events Includes Cholera Pandemic Outbreak and the Spread of it
82 Hong Kong Flu
83 Smallpox in India
84-86 SARS Outbreak Events Includes SARS Outbreak and the Spread of it
87-90 Swine Flu Pandemic Events Includes Swine Flu Pandemic and the Spread of it
91 Ebola Virus in Africa
92 Zika Virus in Brazil
93-97 COVID-19 Pandemic Events Includes COVID-19 Pandemic, the Spread of it and #StayInside
98 End of the Cold War
99 Information Technologies Development
100 1969 Recession
101 1979 Energy Crisis
102 1980s Recession
103 Crisis of 1982
104 1990s Recession
105 1990s United States Boom
106 Great Recession
107 2008 Crisis
108 Eurozone Crisis
109 Green New Deal
110-112 Hyperinflation Events Including several events about hyperinflation
113 South Sudan Independence
114 Hong Kong Transfer
115-120 Population Events Events about population levels in the world

Release Events (1.01. Version)[edit | edit source]

Event ID Event Name Comment
1 Vietnam War
2 USSR Dissolves
3-34 Olympics Events Includes all olympics events
35 Cuban Missile Crisis
36 First Satellite
37 First Man in Space
38 First Man on the Moon
39 Berlin Wall Falls
40 German Unification
41 JFK Assassination Attempt
42 Soviet-American Peace Deal Happens only if Cuban Missile Crisis ends with a war
43 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre Cancels events of 1972 olympics event
44-55 USSR Independence Events Includes several events about independence
56 Breakup of Yugoslavia
57 Third Balkan War
58 1973 Oil Crisis
59 Iraq-Iran War
60 Persian Gulf War
61 Congo Wars
62 Controversial Development of Digital Technology
63 Syrian Civil War
64 Globalization Process Speeds Up
65 Threat of Global Warming
66 EEC Replaced ny European Union
67 Schengen Agreement
68 Maastricht Treaty
69 Treaty of Lisbon
70 CIS Created by Post-Soviet Nations
71 Eurasian Economic Community
72 Eurasian Economic Union Founded
73 ASEAN Founded
74-76 ISO Expansion Events Includes 3 expansionist events
77 Terrorists Attacks Around the World
78 New Airport Regulations