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There are multiple different ways to win matches in Market Dominion.

Types[edit | edit source]

  • Market Share — Standard victory type. To win, player has to control 60% of Worldwide Market Share.
  • Custom Share — Similarly to Market Share, player has to control some percentage of Worldwide Market Share. What percentage player has to control - in this case - is set by the player himself, so he can decide on this upper limit.
  • Collector — Whoever has more states under at least partial control, wins by the time end year is reached.
  • High Ground — Whoever has more states dominated (player dominates a state when he controls more than 50% of its Market Share), wins the game by the time end year is reached.
  • King of the Hill — Target State is picked either randomly or by a player. Whoever has the highest Market Share in Target State, receives points daily. Who gets the most point by the time end year is reached, wins the game.